Computer Standing Workstation for Every Workspace

At AJ Products we provide a wide range of office desks that are suitable for every workspace: from offices and reception areas to workshops and warehouses. Most of our table-tops are made from highquality laminate and are supported with steel stands, which make them easy to clean and durable. We aim to provide office furniture that is functional as well as economical. As many individuals have jobs that require them to work in front of computer screens, we provide computer desks that are heightadjustable and provide comfort. Read the following points to learn more about our desks, and find the one that suits you the best.

Standing computer workstations

Our standing computer workstations are available between 700 mm and 1380 mm in length and from 500 mm to 920mm in width. They come in beech and birch coloured tabletops with grey steel stands. You will be able to adjust its height between 660 mm and 1180 mm, depending on the model. This will allow you to switch positions while working without experiencing any discomfort. Multiple desks can be grouped together to create a collaborative workspace.

Wall-mounted desks

Wall-mounted computer desks are an appropriate option for workspaces with limited space. Furthermore, as the table is mounted on the wall, the space underneath is easier to clean. Such desks allow you to either stand and work or sit, whatever suits you the best. These desks are available in beech and birch colours, choose the one that suits your existing office interiors. They have a load capacity of 70 kg. Contact us or click on the product specifications for more details.

Mobile workstations

We have workstations fitted with wheels that can be easily moved around and are suitable for varied working environments. Similar to our other height-adjustable tables, the height of these tables can be electrically adjusted between 660 and 1180 mm. Unlike other desks, these desks work on rechargeable batteries. This means you would not have to worry about finding a power supply to adjust its height, allowing you to move around in your office. Its height-adjustable feature allows you to switch positions while working to reduce discomfort. The table-tops are made from wood finished in high quality laminate, which is available in two finishes. Steel stands are used as supports for the table-tops and are capable of carrying 100 kg of load. We also have manually adjustable models available. Leave us a message for any further assistance or more information on computer desks.