How to Choose Conference Room Furniture

How to Choose Conference Room Furniture

In a 2015 study done in the UK, researchers concluded that designing work spaces that create opportunities for employees to come together to collaborate and communicate can show an increase in innovation. Every organisation has one such room that allows for employees to sit together and collaborate. In most offices, this room is the conference room, which has now shed its traditional image as a space solely for meetings. Conference rooms today have taken on multiple roles, such as doubling as a breakout zone, an innovation centre or a boardroom. It is, therefore, important to pay attention to the furniture in this room.

Traditionally, conference room furniture includes a table, chairs and storage units. Depending on how the space is used, there may also be other furniture required such as lecterns. Before picking the furniture, though, it is important to keep in mind some key points, which are discussed below.


One of the most important things to consider while picking furniture is the space available in whichever room companies decide to hold meetings and conferences. To keep the meeting room flexible and easy to use, it may be a good idea to use modular, multi-purpose furniture like folding tables and stackable chairs. Most furniture available in outlets and online stores is made to suit different types of spaces. However, where the shape of the room is unusual, it may be necessary to place an order for customised furniture.


The number of people using the room will also determine the furniture purchased for it. Depending on the number of employees that might use conference room facilities, companies will need to determine seating capacity and the size of conference room tables selected for their offices. This will also determine the placement of the furniture as it is important to leave enough space for people to move around.


Are the users going to sit while using the room? Will they be working on computers or will they be holding standing meetings? Is the room going to be used for audio and video conferencing? Are there going to be presentations made in the room? These are all importance questions that need to be answered in order to pick the right furniture for the meeting room.


The aesthetic sensibility and decor of the office will also determine the kind of furniture that is picked. For a sense of cohesion in the internal design of an office, it is important that any furniture bought matches the style of the rest of the office. New furniture should also be consistent with the brand image of the company.

Picking out conference room chairs or any other furniture is easy once these tips are kept in mind. Instead of contacting various companies, opt to buy the furniture from a one-stop destination like AJ Products who are suppliers of a wide range of office furniture and equipment.

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