How to Create Different Layouts with Conference Room Furniture

How to Create Different Layouts with Conference Room Furniture

Your conference room is the place where important discussions take place, creative ideas are born and deals won or lost. This room is where potential customers and employees start to build an opinion about your company. With so much importance placed on this area of your workspace, it is vital that you get the right layout. The conference room furniture you need will depend on the layout of your boardroom. When choosing furniture for this room, it is important to make the most of the available space and to configure the furniture according to the purpose of your meeting and the number of attendees. Read the following to learn more about the most popular layouts and choose the one that best suits your requirements.


A boardroom setup is ideal for smaller groups where interaction and engagement amongst the attendees is required. For this style, opt for a rectangular conference table in the centre of the room with a few chairs around it. Here, your meeting attendees will be able to speak with each other comfortably.


Do you want to explain your company’s vision to all your employees at the same place and time? Then, the classroom layout is the one for you. For this setup, you would require rows of tables with chairs facing the front of the room; thus, providing writing space for each attendee.


As the name suggests, this layout is basically a row of chairs facing the front of the room, usually divided with a centre or side aisle for easy access for your attendees. If your meeting does not require the delegates to take notes or if you want to achieve maximum seating capacity, then this setup is a suitable choice. Instead of opting for standard conference chairs, you can opt for linkable chairs, which can be joined together to create neat rows.

U Shape

In this layout, you will place a series of tables in the shape of the letter U, with the open end facing the front of your conference room. Then place the chairs around the perimeter of the ‘U’. This kind of a layout is suitable for conducting presentations and training sessions, as it encourages attendees to interact.

These are some of the common conference layouts. Pick the one that suits your workplace the best!

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