Standing meeting table QBUS

Boat shaped, 4000x1200 mm, black frame, white

Art. no.: 1621513
  • Three programmable heights
  • For active meetings
  • Available in several different sizes
Conference table with a height-adjustable frame – perfect for active meetings. The shape of the table allows eye contact with everyone sitting round it, despite its length. The black and white desktop has an anti-fingerprint surface.
Table surface colour: White
Stand colour: Black
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7 year warranty

Product information

The QBUS conference table has a timeless and simple design, making it the perfect starting point for designing a room as it looks good with most conference chairs. An excellent choice for the modern office.

The table is height-adjustable, making it easy for meeting attendees to switch between standing and sitting. Standing meetings are a great way to get more movement into our everyday lives and are often more productive than conventional seated meetings. By varying their working position, meeting participants can improve their well-being and increase their creativity.

The table top has a laminate surface that is resistant to scratches and liquids and easy to wipe clean. The table is wide in the middle and narrower at the ends, which makes it ideal for meetings as all attendees can see each other clearly. The black and white laminate has an anti-fingerprint surface which minimises fingerprints and other marks.

The stand is robust and powered by two powerful, silent motors. The range between the lowest and highest possible working height is extra generous.

Need storage? Furniture from the QBUS range is designed to fit together and the modular concept makes it easy to add more storage when you need it. All for an efficient workday!


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