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Tipping Skips for Efficient Waste Sorting

At AJ Products, we provide a wide range of material handling solutions such as tipping skips, waste trolleys and others that can help simplify your waste sorting process. For example, our tipping skips are available in various sizes and different load capacities; they are designed for use with forklifts trucks and can withstand heavy-duty truck handling. Read the following to learn more about different types, features and accessories for tipping skips, then purchase the ones that best suit your requirements.

Auto self tipping skip

We provide auto self tipping skips made of thick, fully-welded sheet steel with a hard and durable powder-coated finish. The tipping and emptying mechanisms are activated when the front of the skip engages with a larger skip so that the pressure plate at the front is depressed. Our tipping skips are ideal for collecting waste materials such as metal, gravel, cement, wood and general refuse. To make your waste-sorting even easier, we provide these skips in various colours such as brown, yellow, green, grey, red, white and black. You can also check out our auto self tipping skip fitted with a high lid to maximise the internal volume and protect and retain the contents. We provide this lid with two small doors with handles on one side for easy disposal, while the other side has a large hatch for efficient emptying. Click on individual product specifications for more details about the size, load capacity, etc.

Bottom emptying skip

As the name suggests, this type of skip is constructed in such a way that the entire bottom opens automatically for emptying all of the contents in one smooth operation. Once the contents are disposed of, the bottom hatch closes automatically. We provide this drop-bottom refuse skip equipped with fork channel pockets that make it easy to move using a hand pallet truck or forklift truck. For making the most of the available space, you even have the option of stacking several skips.

Mobile tipping skip

Our mobile tipping skips are ideal for transporting soil, feed, or other heavy materials. We provide this truck made of heavy-duty powder-coated sheet with reinforced edges, which make it suitable for regular use in demanding environments. Our mobile tipping skip is fitted with two fixed castors at the front and a swivel castor at the rear for smooth steering. You can either move it around manually or transport the tipping skip by a truck. For more details about our tipping skips, please contact us. Apart from tipping skips, you can also browse through our environment section, which includes cleaning equipment, refuse bins, recycling containers and much more to help keep your workspace and our planet clean.