Refuse bag holders

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Buy a Refuse Bag Holder for Effective Cleaning

An efficient cleaning system and ideal time saving device, our refuse bag holders are a great way to keep your office and warehouse neat and clean. Our refuse holders are designed to allow maximum efficiency when it comes to cleaning up as they hold bin bags open for easy waste disposal. This means no more struggling to keep the bag open. Simply throw your waste in the refuse bag while the holder keeps it open for you.

Refuse bag stands

We offer a wide range of refuse bag stands, made to suit the décor and needs of your office space. Our basic refuse stands come with wheels for mobile waste management. This makes it easy to transport the refuse sacks from one location to another, especially when it comes to emptying the receptacle. Instead of carrying the heavy sack all the way, simply wheel it to the waste disposal site instead. We also sell zinc-coated, metal refusal bag stands with a lid to ensure that odours stay trapped inside the refuse bins. These also provide a more hygienic look as the waste isn’t on show.

Multi refuse bag holders

Our multi refuse holders give you a choice between two or three compartments for easy waste separation and management. This is ideal for industries where waste sorting is required, as well as offices and businesses that follow waste recycling guidelines. The different coloured recycling containers can be categorised with labels to allow easy identification and make the sorting process faster. The sack holder can also be easily folded and put away when not in use. We also have a 3-in-1 refuse sack trolley, which is a multi-purpose solution to several different problems. This refuse cart is ideal for use as a sack truck and for transporting cartons and boxes to reduce the strain on the carrier’s back and legs. When not used for transportation purposes, it can be used as a refuse sack cart. This cart has a capacity of up to 100 kg for transport and 125 L for the refuse bag, making it perfect for warehouse use. For more product details and product images, please have a look at the specifications.