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Buy Refuse Sacks in UK

Every workplace needs proper solutions for waste management; this can keep the workspace clean and is good from a hygiene point of view. Hence, at AJ Products we offer a wide range of refuse bins and sacks, recycling containers, and other solutions that can help you manage your waste and attain a clean and healthy working environment. Our refuse sacks are available in various types, materials and sizes. Read the following points to learn more about how to use our sacks in your workplace for proper waste disposal.

General waste disposal

Our black refuse sacks are strong and suitable for handling day-to-day waste and keeping your workplace neat and clean. These sacks are made of 100% recycled polyethylene. We also provide these bags in a wide range of colours. The capacity of each of our sacks is different and will depend on the bin it is to be placed in. Contact us to help you find the ones that suit your requirements.

Sorting different types of waste

Using different bags for different types of waste can make your waste sorting easier. Hence, we provide a variety of refuse sacks that are suitable for wet waste, reinforced sacks for paper waste and extra thick bags for sharp objects. Our bags for wet waste are an ideal choice for hospitals and kitchens. These bags can stand without a sack holder by rolling down the top edges. The outer layer of these bags is made from biodegradable paper, and the inner layer of polyethylene. The reinforced paper sacks are also hygienic and made of biodegradable paper. The adhesives and printing ink have been selected to have as little impact on the environment as possible. Our extra thick bags are suitable for the disposal of sharp, jagged and rough waste from construction sites. These refuse bags are highly resistant to puncturing and tearing, and are made of 100% recycled LDPE. Click on the individual product specifications for more details.

Keep your wheelie bins clean

If a bin bag tears inside your wheelie bin, it can be a time-consuming and tiresome job to clean it. You can easily avoid these situations by purchasing our extra large refuse sacks, which are ideal as liner bags for waste containers. We provide these bags made of thick polyethylene that can withstand demanding and tough environments. As well as these, remember to check out our refuse bag holders, sanitation bags, clear bin liners and much more. Contact us for any more information about our products.