Recycling bins

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Recycling bins for environmentally-friendly waste management

The more we recycle, the better it is for the environment. So make it easy for everyone by placing recycling bins in convenient spots around the workplace. In offices, it is a good idea to have a bin for recycling paper under each desk and near any printers as well as receptacles in the kitchen for plastics, glass and cans. In a warehouse or factory, waste collection points should be strategically located close to the places where waste materials are generated. Use clear labels and/or different coloured containers so that it is quick and easy to put rubbish in the right place.

Great value recycling centres

Our set of three bins is an ideal option to create your own recycling centre. Our recycling sets are made of wipe-clean grey plastic and are suitable for kitchens, offices, workshops, leisure centres and more. You can place these bins beside each other, and stick on labels to show which type of rubbish goes in which container. We provide these bins with a set of five labels, so you can use the bins to collect general waste, paper, plastic, cans or glass.

Recycling at events

There are numerous options for waste sorting at events. At big events, clearly-labelled recycling wheelie bins provide a simple solution for collecting large amounts of waste. At smaller events or conferences, cardboard bins offer a quick and easy option while bottle skips, which can be stacked inside each other when not in use, are handy for catering and hospitality areas.

Dual stream recycling bins

Ideal for offices, public spaces, dining areas and even homes, our dual or triple-stream recycling containers provide a neat and stylish solution for separating waste. With a sleek stainless steel finish, these bins look smart in any environment and are easy to wipe down for good hygiene. AJ Products provides a wide range of waste disposal and recycling solutions to allow employees to quickly and efficently dispose of waste and material that can be recycled.