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Bottle skips for convenient recycling

Bottle bins are designed to facilitate the recycling of glass bottles, plastic bottles or drinks cans in pubs, bars and restaurants. Their sturdy and versatile construction means they are also convenient for storage, transport and waste collection in manufacturing facilities and warehouses.

Bottle bins for pubs and bars

Plastic container trucks are perfect for use in pubs, clubs, bars and hotels. Designed to be used in places with limited space, they fit neatly behind the bar and make it easy to collect empty bottles and cans, thanks to the open top. A wide range of colours allows the bar manager to implement a simple recycling system with bottle skips in a different colour for each waste stream: glass, plastic, cans, general waste, etc. One of the biggest benefits of bottle skips over other types of recycling bins is that they are completely watertight. This means that any leftover drink left in bottles collects in the bottom of the bin and can be tipped out safely, instead of spilling out and causing a slip hazard. Wheels make them more convenient to empty as there is no need to lift the bottle recycling bin, you can simply wheel it out to the dumpster when it’s full.

Recycling at events

The mobile trucks can be stacked inside each other when not in use, which makes them convenient to transport and store. This is particularly handy if you need a waste sorting solution for catering and hospitality areas at events.

Mobile container trucks for manufacturing

A mobile container truck can also be used for storage and handling in workshops, factories and warehouses. Place it at the end of an assembly line to collect the parts and goods produced or use it to collect waste at a packing station. With the exception models made of recycled materials, tapered trucks are made from food-grade polyethylene so they are even suitable for food production and handling processes. AJ Products provides a wide range of waste disposal and recycling solutions from tipping skips and sump trays for hazardous substances to refuse bag holders and office waste paper bins. We offer free and fast delivery to UK mainland. If you have any questions about product specifications or would like a quote, please contact us on our online chat or give us a call on 01252 359760.