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Transport systems are very important in warehouses, factories, industries, etc. to carry goods and products from one place to another. AJ Products provides a number of transport solutions to help businesses streamline their warehousing processes. Some of the main types of warehouse transportation we sell are platform trolleys, platform trucks and sack trucks, as well as many different types of pallet truck. The following points briefly describe some highlights and characteristics of these products.

Features of Platform Trolleys

We offer a variety of platform trolleys made from metal, plastic and wood including our Atlas platform trolley and Thor platform trolley as well as folding platform trolleys and more. The trolleys can be moved seamlessly from one spot to another thanks to the high quality castors attached. Three different types of castors are available: pneumatic rubber, solid rubber and super elastic rubber. You can choose trolleys either with braking systems or without brakes. The load capacity of these trolleys ranges between 120 kg and 700 kg. We have a wide range of sizes available so that you can choose a particular transport trolley according to your needs. Browse through the entire collection of trolleys to choose your desired one.

Features of Platform Trucks

AJ Products also offers plenty of options if you’re looking for a platform truck. These are similar in design to platform trolleys but are mainly suited for heavy-duty transportation of goods. Depending on your needs, you can select trucks with moulded plastic platforms, powder-coated welded steel platforms or even robust and sturdy wooden platforms. Some varieties are equipped with pneumatic castors, which easily help to manoeuvre loads. You can select platform trucks with steerable handles so that the vehicle can be easily moved around tight corners. Click on product specifications for more information.

Specialist trolleys

As well as standard platform trolleys and platform trucks, we sell several trolleys that will suit more specialist needs. The Multi Trolley ® for example consists of four adjustable posts fitted to a platform and is designed to allow one person to single-handedly move large and heavy loads, in particular furniture such as desks and sofas. Another option to consider is the 2-in-1 truck, which can be used with a flat platform or as a sack truck. It converts quickly and easily between the two positionsand is ideal for workplaces that need both pieces of equipment but are limited by space or budget. Go through our catalogue of products and accessories for more information.

Similar Products

Perhaps other transport solutions may be more suitable for your needs. Consider whether pallet trolleys and dollies, machine skates, sack trolleys, etc.would facilitate the handling of your goods better than a platform truck. Detailed information can be found out by clicking on our various product pages.