Retail Shelving for Better Storage

The way products are displayed to potential customers is what distinguishes one retail business from another. Hence, the shelving units you use to display your merchandise are essential for your retail store. At AJ Products, we offer a wide range of shelving and racking systems, such as retail shelving units that are an ideal way to display clothes and other merchandise so that they can be easily noticed by your customers. Read the following to learn more about our different types and purchase the ones that best suit your storage requirements.

Galvanised storage shelving

Our robust basic units provide a high load capacity while weighing little themselves. These units are not only ideal for retail shops but also demanding environments such as warehouses and workshops. We provide these units with parts and accessories that are easy to install without using screws or bolts. This makes it easy to modify and convert the storage shelving based on your requirements. We provide these units with galvanised wire-lattice shelves. This lattice structure prevents dust and dirt build-up on the shelves. You can adjust the height of the shelves as per your requirements. Click on individual product specifications for details such as the number of shelves, load capacity, size, etc. Along with our basic units, you can also browse through our add-on units to easily extend your existing shelving system. Select one or more units depending on the width of the shelving required. We provide each unit with one fully-assembled end frame and one open end for connecting to the existing unit. To extend your shelving system, simply hook the shelves onto the end frame of the previous unit.

Galvanised food shelving

We offer galvanised food shelving units for workplaces where hygiene is particularly important. These units are equipped with food grade perforated shelves; the perforations are permeable to liquids and prevent dust from building up thus making them more hygienic. You can choose shelves in colours such as yellow, blue, black and green. Most of these shelving units are suitable for storing in cold rooms. Similar to our storage shelving systems, you can extend these units with add-ons, which are sold separately. To make sure you can reach high shelves without the risk of falling, you can purchase our kick-step stools. If this type of shelving doesn’t suit your needs try taking a look at our office shelving, warehouse shelving, etc. If you need any assistance selecting suitable storage units for your workplace, contact us.