Hygienic food grade shelving for shops and restaurants

It is important that any business with food storage requirements conforms to strict hygiene standards. This includes restaurants, cafés, shops, school canteens and catering services. Our range of food grade storage solutions provide efficient and hygienic storage that will not contaminate food and can be easily washed down.

Food safe shelving

Our food grade shelving is an excellent option where hygiene is particularly important. Approved for use in food handling areas, the shelving offers several benefits. Its galvanised and plastic construction makes it simple to wash down and will not rust or deteriorate over time so that no contaminants can be passed to the food. The perforations in the shelves are permeable to liquids and prevent dust from accumulating, making the shelves more sanitary. In addition, the shelves rest directly on the beams and can be easily lifted off so they can be cleaned separately for optimal hygiene.

Shop display shelves

Galvanised retail shelving is a convenient way to display goods and sealed food stuffs in shops. This type of shop shelving is supplied with galvanised wire shelves. The open shelf structure prevents dust and dirt from building up on the shelves. The shelves have raised edges at the front and back and can be angled in three different positions so that you can choose how best to display your goods.

Cold store shelving

Food needs to be kept in refrigerated storerooms to ensure that it stays fresh before being served to customers or displayed on shop shelves. Shelving that can be used in freezers down to -30°C is appropriate for use as restaurant or retail shop shelving in cold store environments. Once you have chosen the right restaurant shelving, take a look at our food grade plastic boxes for storage or transport of groceries that meets hygiene requirements.