Drum handling equipment

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Drum handling equipment for safe and efficient transport

At AJ Products, we provide a wide range of drum handling equipment to ensure that barrels can be lifted and transported safely and securely. The use of appropriate lifting equipment will reduce the risk of manual handling injuries, accidents and spills.

Easy manual handling

A drum dolly is a simple way to move heavy barrels. The wheeled dolly sits under the drum and makes it easier for one person to push it into position. Most dollies have a simple steel construction, but a model is also available that has a 30 L polyethylene spill tray that collects any spillages while in transit. This model also has a steel handle, which makes it easier for the user to control the direction of movement. Alternatively, a drum trolley will provide greater manoeuvrability.

Use a drum clamp with a forklift

A drum clamp provides a simple way to move plastic or steel drums using a forklift truck. The clamp fits directly onto the truck forks. The claws automatically close and open as the drum is raised and lowered to the floor so the truck driver can carry out the handling procedure from lifting to delivery without having to leave the truck cabin. This is a good solution for businesses that need to move lots of different types of cargo and want to be able lift drums using their existing equipment.

Lift, handle and move in one

For businesses that handle drums frequently, a drum lifter facilitates the lifting and emptying of standard 210 L steel drums. The lifter makes it easy to transport drums at any height up to the maximum lifting height of 1320 mm. The drum can be locked horizontally or vertically to avoid spills in transit or tilted at a 120˚ angle for easier emptying. The drum truck works in a similar manner to a stacker tuck, allowing you to lift and manoeuvre loads with one piece of equipment. It has two fixed castors at the front and two swivel castors at the rear to make it easier to manoeuvre and a pedal-operated quick-lift function to streamline your workflow. In businesses that frequently handle drums, it is also important to have adequate spill containment trays, spill kits and closed drum storage pallets so that barrels can be stored securely without the risk of accidents. Browse the AJ Products website for all the safety equipment you need. We also have an extensive assortment of handling and lifting equipment to accommodate heavy loads of all shapes and sizes.