Drum trolleys to facilitate handling

Drums, kegs and barrels are difficult to handle without the right equipment. At AJ Products, we have a drum trolley that will suit your needs, helping to reduce workplace injuries resulting from incorrect manual handling, bending and twisting while at work.

Buy a drum trolley for loads up to 500 kg

AJ Products’ range of drum trucks can cater for barrels weighing up to 500 kilos. We offer a low-profile trolley that is easy to slide under the drum, reducing the amount of effort needed to load heavy drums onto the cart. Other trolleys are designed more like a sack truck where you slot the foot underneath the drum and tilt back; these trucks come with support legs to add stability in transit and make it easier for you to manoeuvre the drum.

Choose a drum carrier for multiple purpose handling

A drum carrier lifts, transports, rotates, tips and facilitates drainage of filled drums. The trolley can lock the drum in different positions as required. Lock in the horizontal position for drainage through a tap or in the vertical position to avoid spills. When not locked in position, the barrel can be upended for emptying or tipped and held manually at any angle.

Simplify handling with a drum dolly

A drum dolly is a simple solution for moving barrels at any time. Simply place the drum vertically on the dolly and push it to where you need it. You can keep the drum on the dolly and use a pump to access the contents. Another innovative solution is a drum cradle, which stores barrels horizontally and makes it easy to tip a 200 L drum during storage, transportation or drainage. As well as drum trolleys, we also provide drum lifting equipment, drum storage, accessories such as drum taps and spill care. AJ Products has a wide variety of materials handling and lifting equipment for industrial workplaces from sack trucks and platform trolleys to pallet trucks and lift tables. We provide free and fast delivery to mainland UK and can arrange a site visit if you need help with product suggestions and planning.