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Ensure you have a safe and hygienic working environment


Waste and hazardous materials are difficult to handle safely and hygienically. Our range of recycling and refuse bins is designed to help any type of business dispose of their waste in the proper way. Chemical storage cabinets, spill pallets and drum handling equipment help to prevent and contain spills of any hazardous substances used or stored on the premises. We have everything you need to ensure a safe and code-compliant working environment for your employees.


Refuse bins and recycling containers


Every workplace requires waste disposal solutions that can help keep their surroundings clean and hygienic. At AJ Products we have an option that will suit your environment whether you would like a simple refuse bag holder for light duty waste collection or wheelie bins for larger capacity waste sorting. Recycling is one of the easiest ways to reduce the environmental impact of your business. Our wide range of recycling bins can cater for all needs from use in offices and canteen areas to the sorting of industrial waste and packaging in warehouses and on construction sites.


Tipping skips


An auto self tipping skip is an efficient way to sort large quantities of waste and waste materials, particularly on building sites. It is ideal for materials such as metal, gravel, cement, wood and rubble. This type of forklift tipping skip is easy to handle with a forklift truck or even a stacker truck if you use a convertor. The tipping and emptying mechanisms are activated when the front of the forklift skip engages with a larger skip so that the pressure plate at the front is depressed. A bottom emptying skip offers an alternative disposal method; it is lifted over a larger waste container and the bottom opens to empty the rubbish in one smooth movement.


Chemical storage cabinet


In accordance with UK Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH) regulations, it is essential that hazardous chemicals are stored in a suitable hazardous substance cabinet. COSHH storage cabinets must have the correct GHS labelling to ensure compliance with the most recent regulations. This means it is important to use the right type of cabinet, i.e. an acid cabinet for storage of acids or a corrosive cabinet for corrosive substances. A COSHH locker should be used as part of a complete risk assessment plan to minimise exposure to such substances.


Drum handling


Drum handling equipment is designed to make the storage and transport of drums safe and risk free. Lifting equipment makes handling easier while storage systems come with integrated sumps to reduce the risk of leaks and spills. Our range of accessories facilitates the transfer of liquids to and from the drum. A drum funnel is designed to make it safe and easy to pour fluids and solvents into a drum while a drum tap is a convenient way to empty drums without having to raise them between tap changes, all with a greatly reduced chance of hazardous spills. We also offer a wide assortment of hazard warning equipment, handling and lifting trolleys, warehouse storage and premises management solutions to help you better manage your work environment. We provide free and fast delivery within the UK. Chat with us online for help choosing the right product.