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School furniture

Buy Quality School Furniture


Since 1975, our goal has always remained to provide quality furniture at the right price. Our efforts are not limited to offices, warehouses and workshops but have now expanded to include educational environments such as schools, pre-schools and colleges. Our range of modern school furniture is designed to stimulate students and provide a comfortable and welcoming environment that fosters learning. Read the following points to learn more about our different types of school furniture and purchase the options that best suit your requirements.


Classroom chairs


While at school, children spend almost 5-6 hours daily sitting on their chairs. Hence, at AJ Products, we offer school chairs that are designed to provide students with comfort throughout the day. You can select from a wide range of colours, types, sizes, and features. Click on individual product images for more information about individual items.


Classroom desks


We provide classroom desks and tables that are suitable for various educational environments. Many of our tables have sound-absorbing properties and can help reduce the overall noise level in the classroom. Just like our chairs, we provide these products in various materials, sizes, and shapes; opt for the ones that best suit your classroom and students.


School lockers


Just like every office needs storage solutions for its employees to store their personal belongings, every school needs to have such amenities too. We offer robust quality lockers that are available in materials such as steel, plastic and wire mesh. Browse through our different types of lockers for more information. As well as lockers, you can also check out our other furniture options suitable for a cloakroom or school corridor.


Textile & craft furniture


Apart from storage solutions for keeping books, stationery and students’ personal belongings, we offer solutions that are suitable for storing craft materials and other equipment as well as furniture that facilitates craft activities. From a sewing table to a junior carpenter’s workbench, you can purchase innovative products to simplify school craft projects. Check out other products such as school matting, writing boards and much more for a complete furniture solution. In addition to conventional school furniture, you can also look at our school library furniture to help enhance your school library. Contact us for further assistance.