Canteen furniture upgrade: the Finnvedens project

Canteen furniture upgrade: the Finnvedens project

Finnvedens sixth form, in the heart of Sweden, faced a challenge: their canteen needed a modern upgrade. As part of a broader renovation, the municipality sought to enhance the dining experience beyond mere functionality. We stepped in, tasked with not just replacing old furniture, but crafting an entirely new atmosphere.


Veronica Bervebrink, the project lead, envisioned a canteen that felt more like a restaurant—a place where students could unwind and recharge amidst their busy schedules. With practical concerns like noise reduction and seating capacity in mind, we delivered a proposal that promised both style and substance.

The outcome? A transformed space that exceeded expectations, offering students and staff alike a welcoming retreat within the school walls. But the true test lies in the feedback from those who use it daily. Let's explore Finnvedens secondary school/sixth form's journey to reimagine their canteen and the impact it's had on their community.

A woman wearing a blue top smiling in the canteen
Veronica Bervebrink, Meal Coordinator, Värnamo Municipality
canteen tables and chairs

Strategic objectives for canteen furniture

  • Modern furnishings: Uplifting aesthetics & creating an inviting space for staff & students.
  • Comfy ergonomics: Promoting good posture & relaxation with seating that prioritises comfort.
  • Maximised space: Optimising seating while maintaining a spacious & airy feel.
  • Sustainable choices: Eco-friendly materials reduce environmental impact.
  • Peace & quiet: Soundproofing solutions for a calmer dining experience.
  • Happy diners: Enhancing overall experience & fostering well-being for all.


We created a tranquil and welcoming environment, drawing inspiration from the natural surroundings visible through the window frames. The colour palette of black, green, and ash was carefully chosen to harmonise with the outdoor landscape. Moreover, all furniture was selected for its ease of cleaning, high quality, and durability, ensuring longevity in the bustling canteen environment.

To enhance the ambiance further, dividers adorned with green plants were strategically placed between tables, adding a touch of nature to the indoor space. Additionally, sound absorbers installed on the walls effectively dampen sound reflections, contributing to a more comfortable dining atmosphere.

A blonde girl wating in the canteen
A woman with a black top and a man smiling with a green top

Tilda Persson, Student 

"The new canteen offers more variety and open spaces, creating a calmer and quieter environment for both students and staff. The result exceeds our expectations, achieving the restaurant feel we desired".

Johan Sellgren, Teacher

"I've observed that students exhibit more energy in lessons following the renovation. The enhanced sound environment positively impacts student engagement and learning".

Johanna Brew, Student

"The canteen feels fresher now, and I particularly enjoy the high tables, new seats, and sofas. Many of us stay longer after meals, enjoying the space to hang out and converse".

Magdalena Andersson, Unit Manager

"From the perspective of the Meal Service, we are highly satisfied with the new furniture, improved sound level, and overall impression. Both guests and employees express contentment with the upgrades".

A black girl wearing a black dress and a woman standing in the canteen
En fabrik i polen

Our range of furniture offerings chosen includes:

  • Table PLURAL: Featuring a sound-absorbing tabletop in ash laminate, available in various formats and shapes.
  • High table VARIOUS*: with a sound-absorbing tabletop in ash laminate.
  • Chair LINUS: Entirely in wood, in black and two shades of green, stackable and hangable.
  • High chair USE*: Entirely of wood, in two shades of green, can be hung.
  • Sofa START: Upholstered in artificial leather,  sound-absorbing.
  • eiling lamp GATSBY: In smoked glass.
  • Room divider: Constructed from light wood, with space provided for green artificial plants.
  • Hanging screening solution AIRLEAF*: with sound-absorbing material to reduce noise levels.
  • Wall-mounted sound absorber: Enhanced with artificial plants.

These furniture selections were curated to not only elevate the aesthetics of the canteen but also contribute to a more comfortable and enjoyable dining experience for students and staff alike.

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