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Classroom Chairs in a Variety of Shapes and Sizes

Seating arrangements are an important aspect of educational institutes like schools, colleges and universities. It is important to provide students with comfortable seating so that they can focus on learning. In preschools there is an added responsibility to ensure that the furniture is safe for small children to use, is sturdy and does not have sharp corners that could cause injuries. AJ Products provides chairs in a variety of shapes and sizes, from colourful chairs to comfortable padded chairs for universities.

All in One Plastic Chairs

Students spend a large portion of their day sitting in a classroom. If the chairs they are using are uncomfortable, students will fidget and lose focus. Classrooms should be equipped with durable and sturdy chairs that will be able to withstand long hours of use and wear and tear at the hands of students. The all-in-one plastic chair is a great choice for schools. This product is easy to maintain and capable of withstanding even the toughest classroom environments. These chairs are made from sturdy polypropylene. They have a unique anti-tilt leg system that prevents users from leaning back. They do not have any sharp edges or pinch points, thus reducing the chance of injuries. Available in various heights, they can be used for different sizes of school desks.

Anti-Bacterial Classroom Chairs

AJ Products sells a unique chair that can actually prevent the spread of germs from one user to another! These chairs are independently lab tested and are one of a kind in the school furniture industry. Studies indicate that they actually kill about 99% of bacteria and germs. They are a great choice for common areas like the school canteen. As these chairs are lightweight, it is very easy to stack them. This can be very useful when chairs need to be moved around for cleaning, or to free up space for activities. We also provide chair trolleys that make it easier to move stacked chairs around.

Scientia Classroom Chairs

The Scientia range of classroom chairs is great for classrooms with students of all ages. These chairs have powder-coated steel frames along with a comfortable seat made of high pressure laminate. This is a durable, easy to clean material that is ideal for the school environment. One of the models in the range has a seat covered in a soft padded black fabric that provides added comfort to the user. Our high Scientia chairs are also equipped with footrests that provide relief to legs and feet. We also sell a wide range of school library furniture, locker room furniture and furniture for other areas of the school. Browse our product listing pages for more details.