Acoustic panels for schools and preschools

Noise reduction solutions for schools

Excessive noise can have a negative impact on a child's ability to focus and learn. Sound absorbing panels are a simple way to reduce the overall noise levels in the classroom. Independent research shows that acoustic panels benefit schools by helping students settle quicker and improving concentration. Browse our extensive range at AJ Products online.

Acoustic wall panels

Soundproof panels that hang on the wall absorb sound waves to prevent reverberations, thereby reducing overall background noise levels. They are most effective when mounted on opposite walls so they can work in tandem. These decorative wall panels come in many different shapes and sizes with lots of colour choices and even fun designs such as a beach or safari motif. Some acoustic board models even double up as notice boards.

Wall hangings

AJ Products’ unique soundproof textiles are designed to be fun and eye-catching for the children while brightening up the classroom but also provide a practical function by absorbing the noise from shouts, screams, scraping chairs and slamming desks. They are easy to hang using Velcro and come with a rail that allows the fabric panel to hang away from the wall to give the best sound absorption. The fabric consists of two layers: a fabric with a printed motif and a sound absorbent felt.

Soundproof ceiling panels

Ceiling hanging acoustic panels damp the sounds that echo in rooms with high ceilings. They are ideal in classrooms, school halls and reception areas. A study by the KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm showed that installing acoustic ceiling panels reduced the amount of time it took for the teacher to settle the class at the start of lessons and that students scored better on listening tests. Acoustic foam panels can be a simple and effective solution to reduce noise in any learning environment. Many options are cost effective and double up as decorative features. If you need advice on what type of noise reduction solutions would work best in your school, contact our expert sales team at AJ Products UK for help deciding. We offer project planning and site visits if needed.