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School dining tables

AJ Products provides a wide range of school furniture for different areas, from classroom and library furniture to canteen tables for break areas. Our products are made from quality materials with intelligent design. AJ Products provides a range of canteen tables and chairs that can help schools furnish their eating areas.

Tables for any school environment

AJ Products has a wide range of tables in a variety of materials, colours and shapes to suit any environment and occasion. They are available in various heights to suit different ages and help meet EN 1729 requirements. The tables come in round, square and shield versions to suit your space. Combine different shapes to make the most of your canteen!

Canteen tables for those noisy school dining areas

Thanks to our innovative tabletops with sound-absorbing and noise-reducing properties, the overall noise level in schools and preschools can be reduced. Tables in the AJ Products range are an excellent choice for noisy environments and help to create a calmer atmosphere. Alternatively, high-pressure laminate is a durable yet easy-care material that can withstand wear and tear and is ideal for the high usage it is subjected to in schools.

Are you short of space at your school?

A wall-mounted folding table is an excellent solution to the problem! Our range of wall-mounted folding tables come with integrated with bench seats. Another great feature is that the table and benches have a surface layer made of Nordic Ecolabelled linoleum, which makes it safe for pupils to use and easy to clean. The entire unit folds up against the wall when not in use.

Choose eco-friendly dining furniture

Many of our tables meet school and preschool demands for durable and child-friendly furniture. AJ Products was the first supplier on the market to develop a range of furniture carrying the Nordic Swan Ecolabel specifically designed for schools and preschools. AJ chose the Swan Ecolabel because it sets the strictest requirements. The entire production chain from forest to finished product and end-of-life recycling is carefully controlled to ensure the products are environmentally conscious.