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Project design

Preschool furniture

Preschool furniture for safe and fun early learning


At AJ Products, our modern preschool furniture is specially designed to make it easy for young children to do things for themselves, encouraging a sense of independence while also keeping them safe. Our nursery classroom furniture is hardwearing with rounded corners and no sharp edges; it comes in many bright colours to create a fun learning environment. Because we understand that nurseries and crèches providing care for babies and toddlers have to take care of all of their needs, so we also have baby changing tables and preschool beds for naptime.


Preschool tables and chairs at the right height


Nursery school furniture needs to be specially designed to fit the youngest of children so that they can sit safely on the chair and easily reach the tabletop to work, play or eat lunch. When purchasing kids school furniture look out for options that are BS EN 1729 rated as these will come in the recommended heights for children of each age group. Nursery school tables need to have a hardwearing table surface that won’t scratch or mark even after years of use, but you should still take design into consideration. Fun shapes, bright colours and playful motifs mean you can choose a preschool desk that fosters a creative and stimulating space for early learning.


Wooden preschool furniture for lunchtime


Many preschools also look after children during mealtimes and need suitable school dining furniture for young children to be able to sit up at the table to eat. As with classroom furniture, lunch tables and chairs come in different heights for children of all ages. Wooden tables made of high-pressure laminate offer a very tough surface that withstands any spills and scratches and can be wiped down easily.


Baby changing room furniture


Nurseries that provide childcare to children from birth will need safe and convenient changing facilities for babies and toddlers. A height-adjustable baby changing table is a great choice to reduce the amount of lifting that staff have to do while a wall mounted changing table is ideal where space is limited. As well as furniture for preschools, AJ Products also provides play furniture, soft play toys, acoustic panels and coat hanging racks so you can create a safe, stimulating and caring environment for early learning that allows children to develop at their own pace. Our school furniture range caters for children of all ages from nursery to university. Contact us to discuss project planning and receive product advice from our expert sales team.