Drawing storage cabinets for your business

Although the number of businesses going paperless has increased, there are some sectors where paper documents are still required. Hence, safe and secure storage of these documents, and other items such as files, folders, notebooks, and stationery, is necessary. At AJ Products, we provide a plethora of drawing cabinets, so that you can avoid clutter at your workstation, safely store large documents and contribute towards improved work productivity. Go through the following list of various cabinets sold by us, along with their specifications.

Complete Drawing Cabinet

As the name suggests, these cabinets are designed for storing drawings when you need to efficiently store numerous sheets in a single place. Invest in these elegant and sleek, wooden as well as metal office storage cabinets for a smooth-running and clutter-free workplace. Whether your business is focused on civil engineering, architecture, construction or any other field, all your maps, plans, blueprints, and other paperwork can be securely stored in these cabinets. The maximum size of stored paper documents is A1 or A0 depending on the model. You can choose between cabinets’ with5, 10 or 15 drawers. Some varieties also have central locking, which makes them a secure type to choose. We sell wooden cabinets that are either coated in lacquer or veneer, or you can opt for a steel construction instead. You also have the option to choose cabinets that either rest on table legs or have a plinth base. Go through the product details on our page for a better understanding.

Drawing Cabinet with Tabletop

Do you also need a large workspace to produce, amend or examine your drawings? Then, investing in our complete drawer file cabinet with a tabletop is the best option. This cabinet is equipped with a veneer-coating, which makes it sturdy and hard-wearing. The tabletop can prove to be an excellent workstation desk. It is ideal for those businesses who regularly deal with large-sized documents such as maps, construction drawing prints, architectural designs, etc. For more details, go to our page and click on the desirable product’s image.

Vertical Drawing Cabinet

Do you want to save considerable workspace by not buying large lateral cabinets? Then you should think about buying good-quality, sturdy vertical drawing cabinets. We sell these cabinets with 2 to 4 prongs attached for holding paper documents. You have an option to choose cabinets that allow you to either store papers and documents up to A1 size or others that can take up to A0 size. They have lockable lids for secure storage. Some models also come with an anti-tipping function; this function is operational through retractable safety feet, which automatically extend and retract when the cabinet is opened or closed. The products described above can help you efficiently organise your workplace and keep everything in its rightful place. AJ Products also sells other types of storage furniture such as tool storage cabinets, storage boxes, lockers, key storage cabinet and so on. To gain more details, browse through our product listings.