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Employees regularly spend 7-8 hours per day in the office. Sitting for such an extended period of time may cause discomfort and lead to varied musculoskeletal disorders, which can eventually result in increased absenteeism and decreased productivity. Hence, it is necessary for you to choose quality office furniture that is ergonomically designed to provide your employees with comfort and reduce the risk of health problems. Read the following points to learn more about chairs and find the ones that suit your workplace the best.


At AJ Products, we offer a wide range of office chairs with varied features. If you are looking for modern office chairs that can give an exclusive look to your workplace, you can choose our Watford chairs. On the other hand, if you want chairs that are suitable for demanding environments, our Alton 24 hour chairs are a suitable option. Our Dover office chairs are suitable for small workplaces. Contact us if you would like us to help you find suitable chairs.


Our chairs are available in various materials including leather, mesh, wool, synthetic leather, fabric, etc. While selecting chairs in a suitable material, consider factors such as durability, comfort, look, cleanliness, usage and where the chairs will be placed. For example, if you want to add an elegant touch to your conference room, you can opt for our black leather conference chairs. However, if you want chairs that are suitable for long-term usage and provide comfort, opt for our mesh chairs. Click on the individual product specifications to learn about the materials and find a suitable one.


We provide office chairs with different mechanisms that can help your employees assume a comfortable working position. For example, our chairs with a synchronous mechanism allow the backrest and seat to move in tandem so that they maintain an optimum angle and can be locked in position in a way that is customised by their users. We also sell chairs with back rake mechanisms to control the tilt of the backrest independently of the seat and lock it in multiple positions. Contact us to help you choose chairs with mechanisms that will suit your office the best. You can purchase our office chairs online, which are available in standard colours such as black, white, grey and even vibrant colours such as red, purple, orange, yellow, etc. Complement these chairs with suitable office desks for a complete office solution.

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