Flip Charts and Other Visual Aids for Work Environments

Flip charts and similar visual aids are one of the most commonly used devices in work environments such as academic institutions, lecture halls, classrooms, etc. Most of them are mobile and hence can be carried easily from one place to another. If you are interested in these products, we have described some of them in the sections below. Browse through the flip chart easels available, understand the specifications, and choose one that suits your needs and budget.

Tripod Whiteboards

We sell tripod whiteboards, which are also called budget flip chart easels. They are equipped with a magnetic, dry-wipe whiteboard surface. We also provide a full-length pen tray with these easels. The product is designed with rear-leg tie bars that provide stability. Make use of the telescopic legs that help you to adjust the height. The tripod whiteboards are ideal if you are using them in classrooms, lecture halls and other similar environments. They come with clamps that are suitable for standard pre-drilled A1 flip charts. You can use these easels in group discussions, casual presentations and training sessions. You can also keep them in reception areas and entrances in order to convey messages to visitors and staff. For more information about this product, click on the individual product images.

Mobile Flip Charts

Check out our multifunctional mobile flip charts, which can serve as good alternatives to glass writing boards. These mobile devices are fitted with five castors for maximum flexibility, and contribute towards quick and convenient movement. We have provided this flipchart with a mobile stand, which helps you to place it wherever needed. You can lock the castors and prevent the flip chart stand from moving while you are using it for writing purposes. It is also fitted with a pen shelf for easy access storage of pens, magnets and other accessories. The entire frame is black and comes with a white writing surface with a clamp for flip charts. The surface is magnetic, which can be used to stick graphs, charts, plots and other such visual depictions to allow for a better understanding of the discussed topic. Overall, this notice board is perfect for boardrooms, classrooms, school hallways and even reception areas of offices. Contact us for more information.

Drawing Hanger Systems

Buy our drawing hanging systems to efficiently store your professional drawings, maps, posters, CAD plots, etc. These hangers can hold up to A0 paper sizes. You can also flip through the sheets for a quick overview, and easily open the clamp for accessing any particular one. Our hangers are made from lightweight aluminium, thus making it easy for you to carry them around. As well as the above described products, we also provide numerous writing accessories such as dusters, markers, wiping cloths, etc. to ensure you have everything you need for your presentation. If you want more specifications, browse through our product pages.