Projector screens for clear and effective presentations

Digital presentations are an everyday part of modern business. Client presentations, board meetings, team discussions and lectures, all need digital support to share ideas, images, graphs, etc. To have the intended impact on the audience, presentations and films should be shown on a good quality projection screen. The quality of the screen determines the sharpness and brightness of the picture. At AJ Products, we offer projector screens that offer excellent clarity.

Screen installation

Choose the type of screen you need depending on the size and layout of the room. A wall projector screen is ideal for group discussions and team meetings. Fit it on the wall at one end of a conference table. A ceiling projector screen may be more suitable for training sessions and lectures where attendees will be sitting in rows as the higher placement ensures everyone can see clearly. Most of our screens are adapted for mounting on either a wall or ceiling so that you can decide what’s best according to your set up.

Frequency of use

Decide whether you want a permanent screen depending on your space and needs. If you hold frequent presentations in a dedicated room, then a fixed projector screen will be ready to go as soon as you enter the room. However, if you use it less often or need to install it in the main office rather than a conference room, a pull down projector screen means you can easily roll it back up out the way after you have finished your talk. You can choose a manual mechanism that you just pull into place and release to roll back up or a motorised screen that is remote control operated and can be deployed part way through your meeting without disrupting the flow of ideas.


Our projector screens have a gain measurement of 1.0 with a viewing angle of 180° to produce a clear and sharp picture with optimal balance of brightness. AJ Products can support you with everything you need for a successful meeting. We have a wide range of conference tables and chairs as well as stackable chairs and folding tables for large conferences. As well as projector screens, we have whiteboards, noticeboards and flip chart easels to help you share your ideas and communicate effectively with colleagues and guests.