Flip chart pens

3-pack, assorted

Art. no.: 11463
  • High quality
  • Thick board markers
  • Quick drying ink
Innovative marker pens with gel ink! These quick-drying pens work just as well on whiteboard as on normal paper. When the ink is dry you can even pull it off the whiteboard. The pens are odourless and do not emit any micro dust.
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Product information

With our new quick drying board markers, you can write easily and clearly on all our whiteboards and flipchart pads. The thick tip and the carbon black ink make the writing visible even from a longer distance, for example in a conference room or classroom.

The special gel ink can be wiped off with a regular whiteboard eraser, or you simply pull away what you have written. The ink dries in gel form; just grab the end of what you wrote and gently pull it off the surface of the whiteboard!
Note that this neat trick unfortunately doesn’t work on regular paper.

The pens are virtually odour-free and leave no micro-dust behind, which is useful both when cleaning and if you are sensitive to strong smells.


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Product specifications

  • Number of pieces in pack:3
  • Weight:0.11 kg