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Writing Accessories for Quality Presentations

Presentations are one of the most important tasks in many companies and need to be done right. Presentations are required for conducting meetings, presenting a pitch, discussing important topics with employees, etc. As well as investing in good quality conference furniture, business owners should also think about writing boards and accessories. A presentation helps you elaborate your key points as well as note down all important topics and strategies for your employees and clients. To help businesses in their day-to-day work, AJ Products offers high quality presentation tools including writing accessories.

Cleaning sprays

We offer practical cleaning sprays to help you get rid of any traces of markers. These are useful for cleaning your whiteboards effectively and are a better option than using water with detergent as this can cause stains and damage the surface. Therefore, it is important to use a spray designed specifically to clean boards as it effectively removes traces of ink, without damaging the surface of the board. In addition to the marker residue, the spray also removes fingerprints and smears to clean the surface completely. It dries quickly so the board can be used almost immediately after it is cleaned. Our sprays are biodegradable and non-toxic, which makes them an effective solution for schools as well. For more information about this writing accessory, see the product page.

Magnetic erasers

An eraser with magnetic function is another practical writing accessory that can be used with your whiteboard. The surface of the eraser is covered with soft pads and effectively removes even resistant marks on the board. The eraser is magnetic, which means it can be placed directly on the surface of the board. Contact our sales team for more information about our writing accessories.

Writing surfaces

At AJ Products we offer many types of products, such as flipcharts, glass writing boards and notice boards for use in conference rooms. Flipcharts are perfect for presentations and provide a functional alternative to traditional wall-mounted models. Our glass writing boards will also prove to be a functional and efficient presentation tool. In addition to cleaning agents we have other types of accessories for writing such as magnets, dry-wipe markers, wet-wipe markers, grid tape, etc. We even provide kits with everything you need to get started! More information is available on individual product pages.