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Bins & Waste Containers

Bin and waste containers ideal for businesses and schools


From an office to a workshop, every workplace requires solutions that can help keep their surroundings clean. A clean working environment can reduce the risk of accidents in the workplace and contribute towards a productive workspace. Hence, at AJ Products, we offer a wide range of products such as refuse bins, recycling containers and more, which are stylish and functional to help you keep your workspace clean.


Wastebaskets for your office


Our bins are manufactured for use in commercial buildings and offices. They are hard wearing and robust containers suitable for use in busy workplace environments where litter collection bins are in constant daily use. This will help your employees to keep the workplace tidy and safe.


Bottle skips


This type of container is designed to facilitate recycling of glass bottles, plastic bottles or drinks cans in pubs, bars, restaurants and hotels. Our wheeled bottle bins are versatile mobile containers and can also be used in warehouses, for waste material collection in factories and for moving clothing items in laundry facilities.


Cigarette bins and ashtrays


While at work some employees need a smoking break once in a while to give them a short break from work or help them deal with occasional work stress. For these reasons, AJ Products sells ashtrays and cigarette bins for businesses who want to set up smoking zones and smoking areas on their workplace premises.


External littler bins


Waste disposal can often be a problem in outdoor environments such as business premises, school grounds, parks, streets, etc. Wheelie and waste bins, refuse containers and litter bins play an essential role in getting rid of the rubbish accumulated in these spaces.


Recycling containers


Our high-quality office recycling bins are designed for boardrooms, offices, lobbies, mezzanines, hallways, bathrooms and anywhere else where centralised or personal waste collection is needed. With many designs, colour schemes and materials, we're confident that we can supply a range of recycling containers to compliment your branding, corporate image and company recycling policies.


Refuse bag holder and sacks


Our refuse holders are designed to allow maximum efficiency when it comes to cleaning up as they hold bin bags open for easy waste disposal. This means no more struggling to keep the bag open. Just throw your waste in the refuse bag while the holder keeps it open for you.


Tipping skips


We provide a wide range of material handling solutions such as tipping skips, waste trolleys and others that can help simplify your waste sorting process. For example, our tipping skips are available in various sizes and different load capacities; they are designed for use with forklifts trucks and can withstand heavy-duty truck handling.


Wheelie Bins


Accumulation of rubbish is a given in almost any environment including offices, warehouses, factories, etc. To help you avoid this issue, AJ Products sells a variety of high-quality wheelie and waste bins so you can get rid of your rubbish as soon as it accumulates. Are you looking for quality solutions to create a litter-free environment? Then you have come to the right place as, at AJ Products, we manufacture and sell a great variety of bins and containers meant for efficient waste disposal. With a wide range of workplace products, AJ can supply you with whatever you need! Contact us if you have any questions.