Step stools for easy & safe access to heights

Workplace injuries are common and working at height presents a particular set of risks. While cleaning or accessing higher areas there is a risk of tripping or falling, especially if you have to store boxes on higher shelves. At AJ Products, we provide a range of access equipment such as step stools, safety steps and ladders online to help reduce any work related injuries when working at height. Read about our various types of step stools available for use in offices, store rooms, libraries, workshops, warehouses and more.

Folding step stools

Folding steps are ideal for using in archive rooms, libraries, storage rooms, etc. Our folding steps are available in various heights and can be easily folded and put away when not in use. They are lightweight, making them easily portable. You can either select stools with or without a handrail, depending on your safety requirements. Anti-slip treads provide better grip underfoot to prevent slipping. Visit our individual product listings for detailed specifications.

Kick step stools

Plastic kick steps from AJ Products are practical, portable and made from durable plastic. The stool is fitted with spring-loaded castors for smooth gliding on any surface. The castors retract as soon as you place weight on the stool in order to prevent you from slipping while standing on the kick step. The stool also has thick rubber moulding around the base, which protects your furniture and walls from any scratches. It is light-weight and has a load capacity of 150 kg. We also offer kick step stools made from steel. Select the product image for more details.

Mobile step stools

Our mobile safety steps are made of fully-welded steel with a powder coated finish and are available in different colours. They are fitted with four dome-covered, spring-loaded castors, which retract as soon as you put some weight on the first stair. These steps are available with handrails and can be stored conveniently when space is limited. Equipped with rubber or anti-slip treads they have a capacity of 125 or 150 kg depending on the model. We also have mobile safety steps with mesh treads, which provide good grip underfoot and allow any liquid to pass through the steps if used in wet environments. AJ Products provides a variety of practical and functional workplace solutions alongside our step stools and access equipment. Consider investing in our anti-slip mats, which will provide a better grip on slippery floors to prevent you from falling. We also provide hazard warning signs and grip tape. To learn more about our safety equipment, you can contact our online sales team.