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Air compressor tools and hose reels for garages and workshops

A vast array of tools can be powered by an air compressor to provide speed and precision. Air compressor tools are often lighter and more reliable than their electrical equivalent, making them a smart choice for a wide range of industries including the auto repair trade, manufacturing and assembly, construction and maintenance. Air tools are available to facilitate everything from painting to drilling. Browse the range on offer at

Easy-to-access air hose reels

We have a choice of air hose reel lengths to suit your needs. On our 7 and 15 metre versions, the hose locks in place automatically once deployed to the required length and then retracts conveniently when not in use. The casing is made of polypropylene and comes with a swivel attachment for mounting the air compressor reel to the wall or ceiling. We also offer a retractable 30 metre version, which comes with a floor stand. The maximum pressure varies depending on the model. Loose lengths of hose and coiled air hose are also available.

Quick and effortless tightening of nuts and bolts

An air-powered impact wrench is commonly used in the automotive industry for tightening or loosening nuts and bolts on vehicles. Combined with appropriate impact sockets, it offers a high-speed yet easy-to-handle tool to facilitate construction, repair and assembly work. At AJ Products, we offer a 3-piece or 14-piece impact socket set. These high-quality sockets are made from chrome molybdenum (CrMo), a very strong steel alloy.

Fast and even paint coats

Using a paint spray gun makes your paint jobs faster, easier and more efficient. The spray gun is very versatile when painting large surfaces or in confined spaces that are hard to reach with a paintbrush or roller, such as behind pipes. Compared to an electric paint sprayer (also known as an airless paint sprayer), an air spray works at lower pressure ensuring an even coat and less wastage as well as reducing the risk of damage to surfaces. It is ideal for indoor walls and precision paint jobs. Pneumatic hand tools are ideal in garages and workshops to facilitate and speed up assembly and repair work. In addition to the tools described above, we also offer an air compression set with an assortment of essential tools, an air hammer chisel set and an air ratchet, amongst others. Browse the full range online or contact us for assistance. Delivery is free and fast to mainland UK.