Small parts shelving

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Small parts shelving to improve organisation

Efficient parts storage for small loose items is essential in any commercial or industrial workplace from retail stockrooms and warehouse despatch to autoshops and assembly lines. Small parts shelving can be used for a wide range of goods, including components, packing materials, tools, and fixings such as screws, nails and bolts. This type of storage shelving ensures that each item has an allocated place, so you waste no time searching for what you need. It is a smart solution that helps you streamline your work.

Small parts shelving complete with small plastic compartment boxes

All of the small parts storage offered by AJ Products is provided complete with small parts storage bins. The plastic bins have handles on the front to make it easy to pull them out. They are open at the front to provide quick and easy access to the contents. The drop front makes it easy to see what the box contains and you can also label the plastic bins with the supplied labels to avoid confusion.

Widespan shelving with boxes

For larger parts storage, Euro plastic storage boxes are robust and can withstand heavy handling. The boxes are manufactured from a combination of recyclable polypropylene and high-density polyethylene (HDPE). The shelving is made of steel with 16 mm thick chipboard shelves that can withstand loads of up to 700 kg. This handy combination of storage shelving and boxes provides an optimal storage solution for warehouses, workshops and garages.

Shelving MIX with drawers and storage bins

Our Mix combination shelving is an effective small part organiser. This flexible shelving is supplied complete with three large drawers, six shelves and 15 small parts storage bins. The steel drawers and small parts storage boxes in plastic offer a robust solution that helps you achieve a more organised workplace. If you can’t find the perfect solution for your needs on these pages, there is no need to worry. At AJ Products, we have a wide selection of shelving and racking as well as small parts storage bins, plastic boxes and aluminium transport boxes. We can create small parts storage that suits your business. We also sell small parts cabinets and parts organiser boxes that can be placed on a worktop if space is limited. Give us a call or chat with us online to discuss specifications and requirements.