Retail shopping baskets

Every retail business with a physical shopfront needs to provide customers with shopping baskets and trolleys so that they can pick up goods at their convenience. This encourages them to spend longer in the store and put more items in their basket, resulting in a higher spend. At AJ Products, we have a range of options to help your business.

Retail shopping baskets for any store

Lightweight shopping baskets with handles are easy for customers to carry around the store. While many supermarkets offer metal shopping baskets, plastic versions are just as strong and weigh less than their metal counterparts so they are easier to lift when full of your products! Baskets come in a range of sizes; small shopping baskets are perfect for stores that sell little items such as make up, stationery or small parts and fixings.

Baskets on wheels make it easy for customers

For customers who have difficulty carrying shopping baskets, a basket shopping trolley is an ideal solution for carrying one or even two baskets. You simply place the shop basket on the trolley and push it around instead of carrying it. Providing customers with a shopping basket with wheels is also a good option for shops that don’t have enough space for customers to use a normal shop trolley but want to make it easier for them to carry heavier items available in store. This solution could even be used by shop employees while stocking the shelves with smaller stock items. The trolleys are nestable so they don’t take up much space when not in use.

Basket trolleys for collecting baskets at till points

A basket trolley is an essential piece of equipment in any store. Stacked baskets are heavy and difficult for staff to lift. A simple trolley makes it easy to collect and move many shopping baskets at a time, for example from the till back to the store entrance. This will avoid heavy lifting and prevent any associated injuries. At AJ Products, we offer a wide range of manual handling equipment useful for retail businesses including nestable stock trolleys, cage trolleys, picking trolleys, sack trucks and more. We also offer warehouse shelving, food grade shelving and pallet racking. Our solutions extend from front of house to on-site stockrooms and central warehouses.