Dump bins for easy product display in shops

Showcase loose merchandise to maximum effect by placing goods in a dump bin basket. A dump bin is a great way to encourage additional sales by placing impulse purchases at the point of sale. They are also perfect for large, loose goods that are hard to display on shelves, making it easy for your customer to pick them up. Browse our range here.

Dump bins for retail

Dump bins are an effective way for retail stores to display products in order to highlight offers to customers. The wire basket design has open mesh sides to increase product visibility and provides space-saving storage, even for large bulky items. They can be particularly effective near tills and in areas where customers queue to encourage last-minute purchases. The best products to put on display at point of sale are impulse buys such as confectionery and small-ticket items.

A choice of shapes and sizes

Retail dump bins are available in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit different types of merchandise; choose a hexagonal, rectangular or square dump bin depending on your location and goods. On many models, you can move the base up or down depending on the products to make it easier for customers to reach the bottom. Stackable wire baskets are ideal for displaying small products that cannot be hung from hooks or stacked on shelves. Wire basket shelves allow people to easily pick up the products on display.

Environmentally friendly product display

Wire dump bin baskets are an eco-friendly way to display products that cannot easily be placed on shelves without the need for the extra plastic packaging that would allow you to hang them. You can simply place loose products into the storage bin and put a price label on the front of the basket where it is easy for customers to see. At AJ Products we have a number of solutions for retail businesses including shop trolleys, retail shelving and visual display signs for front of house. We also have cage trolleys, pallet trucks, warehouse shelving, waste bins and more for use in stockrooms and storage areas. Browse our wide range of materials handling equipment, office furniture, lockers and more online. You will find full products specifications on our website and you can chat with us if you need more information.