Shopping basket

27 L, black, 22-pack

Art. no.: 232424
  • Classic design
  • Simplify shopping
  • Multipack
Classic and hardwearing, plastic shopping baskets. Available in several different colours, all with black handles. The baskets are ideal for grocery stores but could also be used in libraries, offices or schools. Stackable for space-saving storage.
Colour: Black
£149.00 (£6.77/each)
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7 year warranty

Product information

Shopping baskets are, of course, designed for use in shops and stores, from small corner shops to large garden centres. However, they can also be used in offices or schools for carrying post, books, files and small packages.

These classic, polypropylene shopping baskets combine form and functionality and make shopping easier in any shop or store. They can be stacked for space-saving storage. We offer a range of basket trolleys to help facilitate the transport of baskets. Choose small basket trolleys for collecting and moving baskets back from a till to the shop entrance and larger trolleys where customers can place their baskets if they are too heavy to carry.


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Product specifications

  • Length:480 mm
  • Height:250 mm
  • Width:330 mm
  • Volume:27 L
  • Colour:Black
  • Material:Polypropylene
  • Number of pieces in pack:22
  • Weight:16.94 kg