Pallet containers for transport and efficient handling

Pallet containers and pallet collars are a convenient solution for the transport and handling of items on pallets. Our range of containers is ideal for industries and other environments that require large and hardwearing containers. If you are looking for a solution that offers a high level of protection to goods during transport and storage, browse through our range of pallet containers.

Pallet containers for warehouses

If you are looking for an efficient solution, consider plastic folding pallet containers, which are designed to save 60% of space when folded. Furthermore, these products can be stacked on top of each other when folded. Unlike with pallet collars, the box does not need to be used in conjunction with a wooden pallet as it has a fully integrated plastic EUR pallet, suitable for lifting with a pallet truck or fork lift. Plastic pallet boxes are also ideal for use as returnable packaging, helping you to reduce the environmental impact of your business. If you already have a pallet, you can invest in a pallet collar; this is a smart solution for warehouses, workshops or similar environments when handling goods in storage or before delivery to the customer. It is particularly useful with smaller goods as it keeps them secure on the pallet without the need for a lot of plastic wrapping.

Stackable pallet container space saving solution

An alternative to the plastic container is the steel stacking container. Easy to stack and move around, these stillages are fit for use in many industries, including manufacturing and food production and often used in warehouse environments. They are stackable and remain stable even when the top pallet container in the stack is empty. The top and bottom sections of the long side can be folded for easy access to the products. The high load capacity means that these pallet containers are particularly well suited for large and heavy goods. The containers have a solid steel frame for extra durability but are also easy on the goods which are to be transported. Pallet containers are ideal for demanding industries and other environments that require large and hardwearing containers. They have several advantages over traditional industrial packaging, not least of which is their ability to be reused again and again. With a variety of different sizes and styles to choose from, you can easily find the solution that suits your goods and work environment.