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Get all the packaging supplies you need at AJ Products

Find everything you need for efficient packing of goods with the wide range of packaging supplies available on our website. These packing essentials include bubble wrap, tape, pre-taped packaging boxes, heavy-duty staplers and utility knives.

Buy packaging materials on a roll to save money

If you send a large number of goods from your premises, then it will be cost effective to purchase your packing essentials in a large roll. On our website you will find a cardboard roll of 75 metres in a choice of widths to suit your needs. You can also buy a bubble wrap roll in lengths up to 150 metres. Materials on a roll are ideal if you have a packing table with an in-built roll holder, such as the ones available from AJ Products, as you will be able to pull the packaging onto the worktop and wrap the goods directly. Alternatively, you can buy a roll stand complete with built-in knife attachment to provide easy access to paper, cardboard, plastic wrap and more.

Secure parcels fast with a heavy-duty staple gun

A staple gun is a packing essential and can be used for a variety of tasks. We have a number available for staples of different sizes and strengths. A hammer stapler is ideal for attaching labels to parcels as well as fixing materials such as posters or insulation to a wall. Alternatively, we provide packing tape and packing duct tape. Choose whether tape, staples or both would offer the best security depending on the type of goods being dispatched and the other packing materials used.

Looking for the basics?

Our packing starter kit contains a tape dispenser, a roll of packing tape, a utility knife and a permanent marker pen for easy labelling of boxes or parcels. This is a basic set that will work for most packing requirements. It is just as useful for small businesses sending a few parcels a week as it is for at home to help you pack when moving to a new house! Don’t forget plastic pockets for delivery notes, packing boxes, edge guards to protect box corners and a utility knife for easy opening of deliveries. At AJ Products, you will also find a huge selection of ergonomic packing tables to make your dispatch process more efficient, warehouse scales, pallet strapping machines and lifting equipment to reduce workplace injuries and speed up internal transport. Free and fast delivery to mainland UK.