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Imagine an office where books, files and folders are piled on your employees’ desks. This kind of a workplace not only looks messy but can also lead to important folders, files and other essentials being misplaced. Hence, at AJ Products, we provide a wide range of quality office shelving and bookcases that provide the ultimate storage solution for your workplace needs. We provide these storage units in a number of different ranges to match our office furniture. Read the following to learn more about our most popular ranges and purchase the ones that best suit your requirements.


The Modulus range is one of our most flexible office ranges and a result of our own design and production. In this range, we offer plenty of storage options and multiple colours, allowing you to customise your own storage solution. You can select from colours such as black, birch, oak and white: whichever suits your existing office interiors. Our bookcases are made from durable and easy-to-maintain laminate. To make optimum use of available space, you can hang smaller units on the wall. You can even equip them with wheels for moving around your office. Click on individual product specifications for more details about the size and number of shelves.


Our bookcases from the Adeptus range are suitable for the open storage of books, binders, storage boxes, sorting trays and much more. These storage units are available in two materials: laminate and veneer, an organic and robust material that provides a natural feel. Our bookcases from this range are available in colours such as white, birch and beech. The classic design and robust material of our storage solutions make them suitable for various environments such as offices, classrooms and archive rooms.

Flexus Budget

If you are looking for office furniture with a fast delivery option, then our Flexus budget might be the range for you. In this range, we provide low-cost beech furniture that is available for quick delivery. Just like our Modulus range, we provide shelving units made of laminate, which is durable and does not require much maintenance. The load capacity of each of the shelves in this range is 35 kg. You can easily convert these units into cabinets by fitting them with a pair of doors. You can mix and match different sizes and colours of our bookcases to create a complete storage solution that helps you attain a well-organised workplace. If you need any other details or further assistance to buy suitable storage units, contact us.