Portable display for agile presentations and brainstorms

At AJ Products, our whiteboards on wheels will give you freedom of movement when you need it. Whether you're presenting in the conference room or conducting staff training in the breakout area, they’re the perfect office tool for portable display. 

What are the types of mobile whiteboards we provide?

Double-sided and multi-panel whiteboards

Our range of mobile white boards is extensive. We have double-sided, and revolving white boards that give you options for versatile and dynamic ideation when presenting. 

Some of the key features of our double-sided and revolving whiteboards include:  

  • 30-year warranty 

  • Magnetic surface 

  • Has wheels for versatile portability 

  • Can revolve 360 degrees for more writing surface area 


Multi-panel whiteboards

For more writing and pinning space, you need our larger, multi-panel variations. The panels can be hidden or closed too, so confidential or pre-prepared material can be revealed as and when you choose. 

Some of the key features of our multi-panel whiteboards include:  

  • Enamelled writing surfaces 

  • 3 times the surface area 

All of our mobile whiteboards are made from highly durable enamel, and each are fitted with convenient pen shelves, so that your tools – pens, erasers and cleaning sprays – are always conveniently on-hand for a seamless presentation.  

Mobile glass whiteboards

You want your whiteboard on wheels to not only have function, but to fit in seamlessly with your modern office décor. So, to fit your office design better, you need our mobile glass whiteboards. 

Not only are they slick and attractive, but they provide a range of useful office space options – apart from the standard whiteboard function, glass boards can double as flipchart holders, and magnetic pin up boards. 

Some of the key features of our mobile glass whiteboards include:  

  • Double sided 

  • Stainless steel details 

  • 8 mm thick laminated glass 

Mobile glass board with acoustic panel

For a touch of uniqueness, and contemporary style, you need our mobile glass whiteboards with acoustic panel. Their light, floating design, adds an element of the futuristic and trendy to any office interior.  

This mobile glass whiteboard comes with an acoustic panel. One side is built for writing, while the other is made from a sound-absorbing insulation – it’s a clever way to help block any surrounding noise in the office during a presentation, brainstorm or training session. 

Some of the key features of our mobile glass whiteboards with acoustic panel include:  

  • Uniqueness and versatility 

  • Doubles as a magnetic writing board 

  • Feet and wheels included 

  • Provides form and function built-in 


Are you looking for something specific in an office whiteboard on wheels? We have a comprehensive choice, and we’re standing by to help you find the accessory you need. Chat with us online, email info@ajproducts.co.uk or give us a call on 01252 359760.