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Indoor, Outdoor and Glass Notice Boards

Office accessories are essential to add finishing touches to a workplace. Desk accessories like pen trays can help employees keep their work space organised. Rubbish bins are required to keep the workplace clean and hygienic. Accessories like foot rests can help add comfort, while items like first aid kits are essential. One such office accessory that businesses should consider investing in is notice boards.

Notice Boards

Due to an increasing reliance on web and email communication many businesses underestimate the value of notice boards. If used effectively these boards can be an effective tool for communication. AJ Products has a wide range of boards that are available in various sizes and designs. Our notice boards provide practical function and can be used to elevate the interiors of the workplace

Glass Writing Boards

Magnetic glass boards can be used to add a modern touch to the work environment. These boards are made from toughened safety glass and have a steel back. The drywipe surface of these boards can be easily cleaned. As the boards are magnetic, information like flyers, memos and notices can be easily tacked to the surface with the use of magnets. Our range of glass boards is available in a variety of fun, vibrant colours. You can use our boards to add a splash of colour to your workspace.

Outdoor Notice Boards

These notice boards are an excellent way for businesses to showcase information outside the building. An outdoor pin board can be used to advertise events, provide directions and more. These boards are specifically designed for outdoor use and are resistant to damage from water and dirt. Available in various sizes, they are also tamper proof and are equipped with locks. Businesses can also purchase magnetic notice board cabinets that come with magnets and a lock; these are ideal for corridors and reception areas. We also provide conventional notice boards that have a hardwearing woven cloth surface.

Mini White Board

These boards are an excellent tool for inter-employee communications. They can be placed near an employee’s desk or mounted on doors. Colleagues can leave messages on them when a member of staff is away from his or her desk. They can also be used to jot down reminders or to create daily task lists. These boards are light weight, easy to maintain and move around. Whiteboards and glass writing boards are an excellent aid for presentations. We also provide accessories for these boards like magnetic starter kits, marker pens, dry erasers, etc. Click on a product to get additional information or leave us a message if you have any other questions.