Matting for your business and organisation

At AJ Products we provide a wide range of mats that are easy to clean, durable and can suit a variety of working environments. Matting is often a neglected and underappreciated component, but this item plays an important role in the health and safety of the workplace and commercial buildings. It also reduces maintenance costs as it protects the flooring from high traffic and wear and tear. Which type of matting is the best for you will be based upon overall use, appearance, durability, price, and effectiveness. Discover the right matting for your business below.

Entrance mats

Our entrance mats are suitable for areas with high traffic such as warehouses, gyms, exhibition halls and others. Furthermore, we provide commercial entrance mats that are easy to clean, durable and suit varied working environments.

Anti-fatigue mats

If your employees spend most of their day standing, then they are at a higher risk for many health issues such as general muscular fatigue, circulatory problems, lower back pain, heart problems and others. These problems eventually lead to a decrease in work productivity and an increase in employee absenteeism. Hence, as an employer, you need to invest in proper workplace solutions that can help eliminate the risk of such problems. At AJ Products, we provide a wide range of anti-fatigue mats that are designed to reduce fatigue caused by standing for long periods on hard surfaces. Our matting is available in a variety of types and different materials such as rubber, nitrile rubber, vinyl, PVC and others.

Chairs and office mats

You might have noticed that even after providing employees with comfortable office chairs, they are not able to position their chairs properly on certain floor surfaces. The solution comes in the shape of chair mats. At AJ Products we offer office mats that are hardwearing and easy to clean. Using floor mats in your offices will help keep your carpets clean and fresh, and ensure your hard floors remain free from scratches from everyday wear. At AJ Products, we sell excellent quality chair mats that can be used for your home as well as for corporate office spaces!

Industrial and rubber mats

Slips, trips and falls are one of the most common causes of accidents both in corporate and industrial workplaces. Our industrial and rubber matting products are available for a wide variety of purposes ranging from decorating office corridors and reception areas to providing electrical insulation and oil resistance in demanding environments. Our range also includes non-slip mats that are easy to clean, weather resistant, provide comfort underfoot and effectively drain liquids.