Office lighting to improve productivity

Workplace design is known to have a direct impact on effectiveness and productivity. Poor lighting is one of the leading complaints made by office workers, alongside high noise levels, lack of privacy and limited access to quiet space. AJ Products has a selection of options available online for self-installation but can also visit your workplace to design and source the best lighting solution for you.

Exposure to natural light

Natural daylight can be a huge boost to employee wellbeing so you should try to position the most work intensive areas of the office nearest the windows. However, natural light alone will not provide adequate lighting for the office. There will always be spaces that don’t have enough windows and on dark winter days overhead office lighting will be essential no matter how many windows you have.

Best lighting

Office ceiling lights are often neglected in workplace design. As a light source, an LED office ceiling light is an energy-saving and cost-efficient option but is limited when it comes to tailoring the light for each employee or area of the office. Human-centric lighting is a relatively new concept but one that offers enormous benefits to companies in terms of boosting productivity and reducing sick days. It is designed to give staff control of their personal lighting needs and ensure that each person has the right balance of warm and cool light throughout the day to support natural circadian rhythms and reduce fatigue.

Stylish design

Office suspended ceiling lights are a stylish way to add a unique touch to the workplace. They are ideal for installation above a conference table or breakout area and help create a different atmosphere in that space compared to the rest of the office. Pendant lamps are also perfect as a home office ceiling light as they can be installed directly over your desk providing more concentrated light than a standard overhead. Combine it with a desk lamp to ensure you always have the best working conditions. The range of modern designs means that there is sure to be an option that suits your home décor. Once you have chosen your office ceiling light fixture, you should also think about acoustic panels and other solutions to reduce overall noise levels in the office. With our wide range of office furniture and interior solutions, AJ Products can help you address the most common workplace complaints from lighting and acoustics to sit-stand furniture to tackle low levels of physical activity and soft seating to provide more social spaces. If you would like help designing an effective activity-based workplace (ABW), contact us to discuss your needs.