Using Ergonomic Footrests to Stay Comfortable

Sitting at your desk in an uncomfortable position on a long term basis may cause back pain. If back pain persists, it may force your employees to take sick leave, which ultimately affects work productivity. Hence, employers should implement certain ergonomic features for staff, especially for those who sit and work for 8-9 hours a day. Buying ergonomically optimised chairs is one such way in which sufficient comfort can be provided to staff so they can concentrate properly on their work. Along with the chairs, you can also incorporate ergonomic accessories like footrests so your employees can comfortably place their feet while working. At AJ Products, we offer a variety of footrests for office use, some of which are briefly explained below.

Platform Footrest

We sell platform footrests that are designed for relieving pressure on the legs and feet to help improve your posture while sitting at work. You can adjust the platform to four different height positions. Our basic platform footrest is designed so that the angle follows the natural position of your feet and hence provides support at all times. The foot support has a chrome metal frame with four non-slip feet for sturdiness and durability. The platform is made from easy-to-clean polystyrene. As the device has a slim-line design, you can easily move it from place to place, if required. Buy these footrests as essential office accessories and prevent commonly occurring strain injuries in your workplace!

Height Adjustable Footrests

Improve your comfort and working posture by using our ergonomic height-adjustable footrest that helps to relieve pressure on your feet and legs while you are sitting down at your desk. This device has a large platform on which you can rest your feet. The best feature about this model is that its height can be adjusted to 12 levels so it can be customised to the height at which you want to rest your legs. We have designed this device in such a way that the angle of the footrest adjusts with your movements by tracking natural changes in your seated position. Use good quality office chair mats beneath these footrests to prevent any damage to carpets and floors while they are being used.

Adjustable Footrests

Use our simple tilt-adjustable footrests to provide relief for tired feet and legs. This can help you avoid strain injuries that often occur when you have to work while sitting for long periods. These ergonomic footrests help you change your working position throughout the day, thus contributing towards a better working position and increased comfort. You can adjust the footrest angle simply by moving your feet on the platform. Make use of the wide platform, which gives you plenty of room to move your feet! AJ Products focuses on providing you with comfort at work, as such we sell a wide variety of ergonomic furniture and equipment. For more details, browse through our product pages.