Ergonomic accessories for the workplace

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Ergonomic Accessories for added comfort

At AJ Products, we aim to provide a wide range of quality office furniture that can contribute to a productive working environment. Hence, we offer ergonomic office chairs, ergonomic desks, standing desks, active sitting chairs and much more. This type of furniture is known to eliminate or reduce the user’s risk of incurring back pain, neck pain and other musculoskeletal problems. To provide a complete ergonomic solution for your workplace, we also provide accessories that can complement your desks. These accessories include several types of monitor arms and an armrest. Read the following to learn more about our ergonomic accessories and purchase the ones that suit your requirements the most.

Monitor arm

Our first type of monitor arm comes with five adjustable friction joints, with which you can adjust your screen forward, backward, downward and sideward. The second type is a double monitor arm, which is suitable for working on two screens at the same time. Our third type is equipped with a gas lift and supplied with a space-saving fixing bracket. With our monitor arms, you will be able to quickly and easily adjust the screen to a perfect viewing position. By adjusting the screen to the perfect position, you can reduce the tiredness in your eyes, back and neck, resulting in better ergonomics. We provide our arms in a stylish aluminium-grey finish, which can easily blend into any environment. Click on individual product specifications for more details about each of these products.


Opt for our armrest that is ideal for creating a comfortable workspace. Our armrest helps relieve pressure on the entire forearm and wrist so you no longer have to worry about tired arms and tense shoulders while you work at the computer. We provide the armrest with an asymmetric support designed for right-hand users in order to provide extra support as this arm usually operates the mouse. Irrespective of the size and shape of your desk, you will be able to easily adjust the support. Our padded forearm support is black in colour. If you require any help with selecting the suitable accessories for your workplace, please contact us.