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First Aid Supplies to Ensure Safety in Your Workplace

Do you know that slips, trips and falls are one of the most common causes of accidents in the workplace? In extreme cases, these accidents might cause serious injuries to workers, thus contributing towards employee sick leave. However, if properly treated on time, certain injuries can be cured almost instantly. Hence, companies should ensure that they have stocked up on emergency medical office accessories. AJ Products sells a variety of supplies such as first aid kits, plaster dispensers, eyewash, etc., which can be used in your workplace. For a better understanding, some of our products are briefly described below.

Plaster Dispenser

You should always keep a dressing dispenser in your office that makes it easy for treating small injuries to fingers. You can tear off a suitable length of plaster, which is stretchy, absorbent and adhesive-free. The plasters maintain joint mobility even if they are tightly wrapped. You can apply the dressings even if your fingers have come in contact with oil, grease or water. For this reason, the dispenser is suitable for industrial workplaces as well as corporate offices. If you want more information, click on the product’s image.

First Aid Kit

AJ Products sells well-stocked first aid kits, which is a must in high-risk workplaces where there are greater chances of accidents but is also a legal requirements in offices. You can use this first aid kit in warehouses, factories, construction sites and even in corporate workplaces. Our kit can also be wall mounted for easier accessibility. It includes items such as plasters, bandages, gels for burns, eyewash, wound cleansing wipes and emergency blankets. We also have included a first aid manual with this kit, in order to help you understand the proper usage of the items included. For more individual item details, go through our page listings.

Medical Cabinet

Are you wondering how to store your emergency medical items and medicines securely? At AJ Products we sell a complete medical cabinet that is available with either one or two compartments. You can properly keep all your emergency supplies in this cabinet in a well-organised manner. The cabinets are equipped with adjustable shelves so they can be customised according to your needs. We also ensure that you get extensive interior storage space. The cabinet is designed to be mounted on a wall to save space and provide easy access when needed. We also sell emergency medical supplies separately including finger bandages and plasters, pH neutral eyewash, saline solution eyewash, etc. Browse through our product listings for more details.