The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Right Office Shelves

Guide: Choose the Right Shelf for Your Office

Every office requires some type of storage solution, and practical shelves are a wise choice. The type of shelf that best fits your needs depends on what will be stored, the environment where the office shelf will be placed, and, of course, personal taste. Keeping things organised and tidy not only makes work easier but also creates a pleasant office atmosphere. We will help you determine whether you need a wall-mounted shelf, a classic bookcase, archive shelves, or a flexible shelving system.
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Selecting the Right Storage Shelf

Always check the maximum load capacity of the shelves and remember that this refers to evenly distributed weight. Are you storing light items like binders or boxes with heavy contents?

Classic Bookcase: The classic laminate bookcase with covered sides is always a good fit for an office. Laminate shelves are durable and come in various colours and wood imitations, perfect for books and binders.

Steel shelves: Steel shelves with open sides work well for archiving or if a lot of storage space is needed. These often come with add-on sections, making it easy to expand as needed.
Wall shelves: Wall shelves are both stylish and practical. Hang them above a lower cabinet or desk to make use of the space, or let them hang alone for a more airy office decor.
Modular Shelving Systems: Shelving systems mounted on the wall with support rails and hanging tracks are space-saving and practical. Place the shelves as you wish and move them as needed.

Choosing a Bookcase in a Furniture Series

Choose a bookcase that is part of a furniture series. This allows you to mix high and low shelves and maybe convert a shelf into a cabinet with a pair of doors. Set up one or more wall shelves where you need extra space for your items. This way, you can adjust the storage as needs change or if the workplace needs to be rearranged. Look for a furniture series with good variation in the range to customise the interior. By sticking to a furniture series, it's easy to create a stylish decor and get a matching office.


Where should the shelf be placed?  

It pays to think twice before purchasing storage shelves. With the right model, colour, and placement, the shelves not only function as storage furniture but also enhance the office's comfort and interior design. In an archive room, for example, it may be more important for the shelves to hold as much as possible rather than having a modern design. A good archive shelf should be easy to assemble and expand. This facilitates changes in the document collection volume. 

In a small space, floor space can be saved by building storage vertically instead of horizontally if the ceiling height allows. If it is not possible to build vertically, shelves with extra depth are an alternative. Be sure to measure height, width, and depth carefully to make the best use of the space.

In a larger area, it can be pleasant to partition off and create smaller areas in the room. Low shelves work perfectly as room dividers while maintaining an open view and allowing books and magazines to be stored accessibly. If you choose a mobile shelf with wheels, you can easily adapt the furniture arrangement as needed.

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An office with two people looking at documents laid out on a shelving island

Tips for Organising Your Office Shelves

Work Islands: A work island is both a shelf and a work table in one. Use it for stand-up meetings or tasks that require extra workspace. With wheels, it can be moved where needed most, bringing binders and documents along.

Shelf Accessories: With various accessories, you can customise your office shelf to be perfect for you. An insert for forms, drawer insert, extra shelves, or wheels can increase functionality depending on your needs. The accessories can be swapped out if your work situation changes.

Compact Shelves: The most space-saving type of shelf, offering plenty of storage in a small area. With a crank, the shelf sections can be moved so you can access what you need. Suitable for archives.

Concealed Storage: For concealed storage, you can complement the bookcase with doors. Mix open and concealed storage with shelves in the same series for a unified impression. For more options to conceal or lock items, you can complement with storage cabinets.

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Tips on shelving units from AJ Products

  1. It's no wonder the FLEXUS  bookcase is a bestseller. Each shelf can hold about 12 binders, making it the perfect binder shelf. The ability to mount doors allows you to mix open and concealed storage. Furthermore, FLEXUS comes in several different colors. 
  2. The CLEO bookcase is a really affordable storage furniture. With functional and minimalist design and three color variants, it is a good choice for most office environments.  
  3. Is the office feeling cramped? Then we suggest you check out the LIGHT office shelf. If you move to a larger premises, you can easily expand with extension sections.  
  4. QBUS is a stylish shelf that looks great in most rooms. Place the shelf where it is visible: in the entrance, the conference room, or in the office's line of sight. The QBUS furniture series also includes storage cabinets, drawer units, and more.  
  5. The SHAPE shelf system offers smart and practical wall storage that can be combined and expanded. Why not mount a wall shelf above your desk for easy access to your frequently used items?  

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Our wide range makes it easy for you to find a solution that suits your business. If you need support, you are always welcome to contact us. We are happy to help you!


Consider what will be stored, the environment of the office, and personal taste. Choose a shelf that matches your office decor and meets your storage needs.
Vertical storage and modular shelving systems are great for small offices. Compact shelves and multi-functional furniture like work islands can also maximise space.
Shelves can serve as both storage and decor elements. Choose designs and colours that complement the office interior, and mix open and concealed storage for a stylish look.
Modular shelving systems are flexible and can be adjusted as needs change. They save space and allow for customisation, making them ideal for dynamic work environments.
Books should be stored in a dry environment, and at room temperature. Moisture and sudden temperature changes can damage books.
Low shelves can partition large spaces without obstructing the view, maintaining an open feel while providing accessible storage.
Use accessories like drawer inserts, extra shelves, and wheels to customise and increase functionality. Regularly declutter and reorganise to keep shelves neat and efficient.

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