How to be organised at work

How to be organised at work

A messy workplace can be improved into a cleaner and efficient space with a little organisation. It's easier to keep order and to find documents and other things with good storage solutions. Try to avoid tangled wires and cluttered desks with our office storage tips that could do the trick.
A well-filled steel shelf in an office

1. Furniture for storage 

Shelves of various kinds are a great choice when it comes to storing binders and books that need to be easy to access. There's less clutter, and you can easily pick out what you need. Choose a unit with adjustable shelves to adapt your shelf height.

A cabinet allows you to hide sensitive material and things that you may not need to use every day. Choose a cabinet with a lock if confidential documents or valuables are to be stored.

Desk pedestals are perfect for storing paper and small items. Put them under the desk to save space or choose a higher variant that also works as an extra workspace. You can move a roller shutter with wheels anywhere you want.

Merchant chests is a classic, stylish and practical piece of furniture for the office. The large number of boxes allows you to sort properly. With label holders on the drawers, you always know what's inside.

2.  A great storage system

Think about where each thing should be stored, with the items you regularly work with most accessible. Group what belongs together and store it together. You'll be able to quickly find what you're looking for. Keep your desk tidy by using practical solutions.

Letter trays can be used for sorting incoming and outgoing mail, brouchures, or storage for ongoing work documents.

Storage boxes work well for storing items that are not used that often. Put them on a shelf and label them for ease of reference when searching for those rarely used documents or items in future.

A magazine rack keeps magazines, brochures, newspapers and papers organised. They look much neater rather than scattered on tables and shelves.

Label printers are convenient for quickly producing labels. Using labelled drawers, binders and storage compartments will help you know where everything is stored.

A filing system is invaluable for an office with a lot of paper documents. Filing cabinets with suspension files make it easy to find the right document. If you choose a filing trolley, you can easily take everything to the desk and after finishing work, put it back in its right place. Choose a cabinet or filing trolley with a lock for sensitive documents. There are also fireproof filing cabinets.
: A well-organised desk with matching letter tray, desk stand, magazine rack, note cube and waste bin.

3. Organise your desk

A desk screen with accessory rail makes it easier for you to keep your desk clean. For example, you can customise it as you like by using a lamp, hooks or shelves. By attaching a holder to the computer screen, you can free up more desk space.

You can hide cables with cable holder accessories for cable management such as cable trays under the desk and cable tubes. For tangled mobile phone chargers and headphone cables, cable holders are the answer. They are self-adhesive for attachment where they're needed most.

A desk drawer mounted under the desk is space-saving storage for things you need to have easily accessible.

Letter trays to organise letters and documents.

Use a desk organiser with several compartments to store pens, erasers, paper clips and other small items.
Woman retrieves a storage box from a cabinet with sliding doors

4. Routines for organised storage 

If several people are sharing an office, defining common routines is a great idea, so that everyone knows what to do. Agree on where and how you should store the things you all need. It saves time and minimises irritation if no one needs to look unnecessarily. Together, it's easier to avoid a cluttered office.

Try to book at least one day a year to clear out things that are no longer needed or are out of date. Over time, storage needs can change for various reasons, when existing solutions need to be updated or rearranged in a more efficient way.

Make it a habit to always put things back when you are done with individual items. Things tend to pile up or become impossible to find because they are in the wrong place.

Keep track of your own workspace. A cluttered desk does not give a welcoming impression to visitors.

How to choose the right office shelf?

What do you need for the office?

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