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Small Parts Cabinet Storage to Keep Your Small Parts Handy

Created for streamlined storage and compact space saving, we at AJ Products have built small parts cabinet storage shelves, small part bins and boxes exclusively for you. Organise the smallest of products and office supplies using our smart, small part storage to find what you’re looking for easily. Our small part storage cabinets are divided into small part shelving and cabinets with larger storage boxes. Choose from a variety of storage options to keep your supplies in order!

Small part cabinets

Our small part cabinets contain small part plastic containers and are created to successfully organise nails, screws and bolts, spare parts and other small items that can easily get misplaced. With an open front, the contents are easily visible and readily locatable. The cabinet contains movable shelves, which can be placed at any height. Each shelf then holds various plastic containers, ranging from 20 to 120, to allow efficient categorisation. Our small parts shelving cabinets are made from robust, powder-coated sheet steel, which makes them strong and long lasting. The plastic bins are made from polypropylene, which can withstand acids, chemicals and industrial lubricants, making them suitable for almost every industry! Each plastic container has sturdy handles to allow easy removal. Every bin has its own label on the front to make the organising and sorting process even faster. Our lockable small part storage cabinets come in various sizes. Exact sizes, weight and load capacity as well as other specifications are mentioned in the product details.

Cabinets with Euro boxes

These large storage cabinets are made from sheet steel with powder coating for a durable finish to allow heavy loads and frequent use. These storage units are suitable for demanding environments such as workshops, factories and others. Each shelf can accommodate up to 100 kg. They are supplied complete with Euro boxes. These plastic boxes are made from polypropylene, which can withstand temperatures between -40°C to +90°C. The crates are perfect for storing, categorising and sorting tools and equipment. As the crates have smooth inner sides and base, they are easy to maintain. Just like our small parts bins, our plastic boxes are stackable for convenient storage outside the cupboard. Our Euro crates are UV stable, impact-resistant, hygienic and food-grade certified. These are a few types of storage options that can help you keep your tools and small parts organised in a systematic way. If you need any other details or assistance buying a suitable cabinet for your workplace, please contact us.