Create secure enclosed storage areas with a wire mesh partition

Mesh fencing panels are a convenient way to create enclosures in large indoor environments such as warehouses and distribution centres. Our modular mesh partitioning is ideal for use as indoor security fencing to protect valuable equipment and goods and improve workplace safety by restricting access to certain areas. Shop our range online.

Convenient warehouse fencing

Our zinc-coated wire mesh system is a convenient, safe and economic security fencing solution for a range of locations including warehouses, factories and workshops. The open wire mesh design maintains the flow of light and air in the room while allowing you to section off areas of space for designated purposes. It is a cost-effective alternative to building full-height walls and provides far greater flexibility, allowing you to reconfigure as needed. The fencing can be used to keep high-value tools and equipment secure, separate specific work areas or create pedestrian walkways.

Easy to assemble and install

The flexible system is easy to install and allows you to change, add or create new enclosures as your needs change. You simply combine mesh panels, uprights and doors to create a customised fencing solution that suits your purposes. The solution provides you with almost unlimited combination possibilities and allows you to maximise use of your space.

A robust and secure solution

The heavy duty weld mesh is 2.5 mm in diameter on horizontal wires and 3 mm on vertical wires with 50x60 mm mesh infill, which provides a robust construction. Door sections come complete with a choice of cylinder lock or padlock fitting so that you can choose the best locking solution for your workplace in order to keep your goods secure but ensure authorised personnel can access the area as needed. At AJ Products we also offer purpose-built machine guard systems with mesh panels to comply with the EU Machinery Directive as well as crowd barriers, belt barrier systems and other safety equipment to increase security and reduce the risk of workplace accidents. Browse our website to find our full offering or chat with us online if you’d like some assistance.