Perimeter barriers

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Easy-to-deploy barrier systems

A barrier post makes it easy to create flexible demarcations and is an ideal solution when you want to cordon off spaces quickly, direct people or build efficient queuing systems. The belt barrier posts are also suitable if you need to set up safe walkways and safety clearance zones, for example around machinery or when working with hazardous chemicals. You can use a belt barrier in outdoor environments, warehouses, workshops, cinemas, shops, airports and many more locations. You simply draw out the spring-loaded belt to the required length and attach it to another barrier post or wall bracket to cordon off areas in no time. A wall mounted belt barrier is ideal if you need a more permanent solution, such as across an entranceway.

Highlight traffic hazards with road cones

Safety cones are an effective way to prevent accidents and temporarily restrict access on building sites and roadside construction areas. The high visibility design with a light-reflective band makes them easy for drivers to see and increases safety for both drivers and workers. Likewise, no parking cones are a simple and convenient way to manage traffic at events or reserve parking bays. If you are short on storage space, a collapsible traffic cone is a great alternative, offering all of the same benefits but easy to take down when not in use. Our traffic cones can also be fitted with a belt barrier designed to be fitted on top of the cone to block off an area completely.

Manage crowds effectively with a queue barrier

Robust crowd barriers are designed to help you manage queues, large crowds and traffic at busy locations or events. Crowd control barriers are quick and easy to deploy; they can easily be connected together to form straight lines or right angles to cordon off areas as necessary. A galvanised steel construction makes them suitable for outdoor use while the design of the foot makes them stable and hard to knock over. At AJ Products we have an extensive range of barrier solutions including machine guards, indoor security fencing, chain posts and accordion barriers as well as the above-mentioned products. If you can’t find what you’re looking for on our website, contact us via our online chat.