Traffic cones for increased road safety

Orange cones are a simple solution for controlling traffic on the road and managing parking at events. They are easy to deploy and can be used to create an effective cordon and highlight hazards to the public. Browse our full range of safety solutions online.

Orange safety cones

Classic, lightweight orange cones with a white or reflective band are designed for creating quick, convenient and flexible barrier setups. They are ideal for marking temporary barriers, reserving parking bays and controlling traffic. They can also be deployed easily as construction cones on building sites or for roadside maintenance. If you’re looking to make a quick and portable barrier, then one easy option is to fit a belt barrier on top of the cone. It’s a flexible solution ideal for events and temporary traffic management, allowing you to make a continuous cordon using multiple cones placed as needed.

Collapsible traffic cones

These innovative collapsible cones are a great alternative to our standard traffic cones. This is an extremely portable option that you can fold up quickly and easily and throw in the back of a van or even a car boot after you've used it, as the cones take up very little room when collapsed. They are ideal as parking cones for school fetes, car boot sales, village hall events and other occasions or venues with limited storage space. Thanks to the reflective band and the bright orange colour, the caution cones are highly visible.

Hi-vis safety cones

For night-time events, it’s important to ensure parking cones are easy to see in the dark to prevent accidents. Road cones with reflective bands and integrated lights are an effective solution. The reflective bands and the bright orange colour make the cones highly visible, even in poor light conditions. The battery-powered, integrated lights further contribute towards increased safety in darkness and show obstacles or cordons clearly. The cones are also collapsible so that they take up very little space when not in use and are easy to move around as needed.